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The more I use and search through Amazon the more I love it! I can’t help but feel we live in times where everything comes in waves of ‘likes’. I used to love eBay now I don’t even think I can remember my log in details! I gave up Poshmark nearly 3 months ago as I was buying wayyy more than I was selling… now we can get items sent to us within a day just by clicking our fingers and not having to worry about paying for shipping! Hello the age of Amazon Prime!

Amazon have remarkable fashion choices too (I’ve bought countless ‘basic tops’ for work along with dresses!) including these AWESOME Hermès dupes, white leather sandals with the iconic H front detailing!

Bought via Hermès will cost you approx $350-450 but through Amazon it was only $35! Now firstly, they aren’t real… as much as I love designer names there are certain things blowing $x’s is just a waste such as sandals !

You can get these in either white (figured they would go with everything!) brown or black. Perfect wardrobe staples that can be paired with almost everything!

If you are interested check their direct link to Amazon here!!!

Love love love!


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