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Decided to pass on a great tip this evening using household product! None other than dryer sheets!

Who knew there were more uses for dryer sheets than just in your dryer!

🧼Using a single dryer sheet, rub the woven cloth all over your body — from head to toe — and your clothes (yes, over your jeans and T-shirt). The sheet’s scent will ward off pesky mosquitoes and gnats, leaving you itch-free all summer. Pro tip: Keep one or two fresh sheets stashed in your back pocket for quick coverage in a pinch.

💇🏽‍♀️Combat humidity and strand static by literally skimming the sheet across hair — from root to end. The positively charged ingredients in the cloth bond to the negatively charged surface of your hair, neutralizing the charge, leaving you with a soft, silky finish.

🧽No one wants to leave the house with unsightly deodorant marks on their shirt! Use a dryer sheet to quickly rub deodorant marks off your clothes. It’s quick and effective, and you’ll be out the door in no time!

🚗 Use a damp dryer sheet to gently scrub away bugs from your car’s windshield and front bumper. The fabric is abrasive enough to remove stubborn bug marks, but not so harsh that it will damage your car’s paint or finish.

👗 Dryer sheets can absorb bad odor. They can also make your laundry smell fresh. Even used dryer sheets have enough fragrance to lend a better smell to your closet. You can toss a few sheets into the closet shelves or in the pockets of your clothes. When you store away your winter clothes, put a dryer sheet in an envelope and tuck it in them. This trick keeps out-of-season clothes from smelling stale until you need them again.


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