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Until I turned 25 I shaved my bikini line, I think I went for one wax and it was a horrible experience that I decided waxing was not for me!

Then moving to Houston and having a lot more opportunities to be in a swimsuit / bikini I decided to try waxing again!

For the past 4 years I waxed and wondered why I never did it before?!!

Then I had our baby girl, and found things like getting my nails done, waxing, frequent hair treatments and facials were a thing of the past because properties of time change. This didn’t mean I don’t want to take care of myself, it just meant I’m doing all the above DIY… veet is now my bff!!

Well… I wanted to talk to y’all about my experience today! I took a leap of faith and have started laser hair removal on my bikini line! It will take about 6 sessions and it’s through @skindayspahouston who have an incredible deal on right now so if you are on the fence this may sway you!

Some of my friends told me it would be painful, but my experience couldn’t have been more different! Jessica put me at ease straight away, she talked me through the procedure. I got undressed hopped up onto the table, in this situations there is no point trying to hide your parts, they have seen it all!

It took around 7 minutes and was completely pain free!! You shave the area you want to be hair free in preparation. Such a simple procedure, by summer next year I will be bikini hair free and cannot wait! Honestly why have I waited so long to do this?!

I will keep you updated with this journey and how it all turns out.. maybe without the pictures! No one needs to see that 🙈😆


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