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Gosh nearly 11pm, it’s been such a productive Saturday! I honestly don’t even think you would believe me if I told you everything I did… sold cubs toy this morning, well needed trip to target (gets me every time! I don’t even know why I went in!) then HEB, tidied out cubs room and clothes, tidied out all cupboards and drawers in the entire house, got guest bathroom finished for parents in law arriving woohoo! vacuumed, did all the washing and dishes, wrapped rest of presents to go under tree oh then I did food prep for Christmas season…. all while entertaining baby cub who was a gem today!

This season is always crazy, we are all trained to leave everything to last minute and rush it all at the end of the year! I for one LOVE going into the new year as organized as possible and it’s much better to start early!

The other great way to go into the new year is feeling pampered, relaxed and happy! As you know I love to really try products before writing reviews, because it usually takes 30 days for skin products to make an impact.

I’ve written about my Yeouth cleanser before which I use daily, so gentle and awesome for skin. But I wanted to talk about two of their products I’m L O V I N G !!

Dead Sea Mud Mask

It has Hyaluronic acid, colloidal oatmeal, aloe Vera and avocado oil. It’s packaging is simple and neat. The jar is substantial, considering how much we all spend on one off masks.

My skin hasn’t been the clearest lately, thanks to monthly hormones, this mask has really helped to balance out my skin. My pores have minimized and when the mask is on I can see it drawing out impurities.

I usually put it on before I go into shower, leaving for 15 minutes before then I take it off.

Vitamin C&E Serum

With Hyaluronic acid I might add, you notice a trend?! It’s a very popular ingredient in recent beauty products.

Now for best results, did you know your skin should be damp to allow product to soak in.

With vitamin C&E creates amazing conditions which your skin needs for deep hydration. This has been a life saver in this up and down weather – especially when we get into colder months which dries your skin out. You need a good saver like this.

I only use this serum in the evening. It makes a huge difference.

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