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As it’s winter I have a great beauty product I wanted to share with y’all because I know I’m not the only one who likes to keep that sun kissed skin all year round!

Face tanner is an impossible find, which is crazy in this beauty age. Everything I’ve tried before it smelt like biscuit, was streaky and not long lasting, long lasting in the fact you needed a lot and it washed off!

While I was traveling back in May and looking through the airline products on sale this face tanner was on discount. It was an impulse buy and I’ve read about it before, lots of amazing reviews!

So. Application. You mix it with your moisturiser before you go to bed and wake up looking like you’ve enjoyed a small jaunt in the Bahamas. I mix it in with my moisturizer of choice sometimes I mix it with serum. It’s VERY important to do the neck especially if you opt for the medium to dark shade. I went for the medium to dark shade naturally. It also contains ingredients that your skin will LOVE. Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Raspberry Seed Oil so it doesn’t just make your skin tone change it gives you a little glow earning its illuminating tanning drops name.

The end result? I’ve always been kind of wary when it comes to face tanners, I mean if it goes wrong, there’s no hiding it but this one is super simple to apply. Oh and of course, the scent. Well, I wouldn’t say it’s entirely odourless but it’s barely noticeable.

It’s $49 at Sephora and a couple of dots go a long way! Highly recommend!


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