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Spiral, coil or ‘phone cord’ hair ties aren’t new. Many a clever lady has been using these techy hair ties for a few years now.

They are, however, really bloody good for your hair and this revelation needs to be spread far and wide.

The brilliance of these plastic spiral hair ties that come in clear, black and a bunch of bright colours is they’re completely snag-free – the coil design locks your ponytail or bun into place rather than pulling it.

This = no kinks, no breakage and no hair damage. And yes to sleek, tight ponytails without the tension headache.

They also aren’t rendered useless and annoying like regular hair ties when they stretch. just pop your coil in a cup of warm water OR blast it with a hairdryer on warm heat to shrink them back to their original size. Erm genius!

I picked up this pack from amazon for $9!!


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