About Me

I am a career girl at heart, starting off as a Navigational Officer in the Merchant Navy before moving ashore after meeting my now husband, into an oil and gas corporate office life (the wardrobe from offshore to onshore was a big adjustment!). We both moved to Houston in 2014 – truly living the American Dream!

We have two puppies (they are spaniels both from the UK) and have a nearly 3 year old (how did that happen?!), Luna Rose – being a mama is a roller coaster of emotions daily!

I absolutely love anything to do with Fashion, Beauty, Skin Care, Highstreet and Highend Designers, and searching for a great Bargains (I’m really good at finding sale items and justifying the purchase!) Since we bought a house I have turned one of our spare rooms into my Fashion HQ! I’m obsessed with Jimmy Choos and Manolo’s – Carrie Bradshaw wannabe!

This is a little insight into my crazy beautiful world where I want to share with you all of my discoveries whether it’s a new move in the gym, a new fav cocktail, skin care tips, outfit options (a girl can never have too many!) problems at work or in my personal life or where the sales are!

I’m opening up my soul to the world!


Reach out to me! francene@choosandfashiondoos.com



  1. Have a great time! Wish it was me. Look forward to hearing all about ur adventures. I will def be going back to the states again next year! Love your page. Enjoy! Claire x

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