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Hey I’m Make Up Free…. WHAT!? In Public

Hey I’m Make Up Free….        bare   WHAT… In Public?!?

This is the reaction I get everytime! ? There must be more ladies out there who don’t mind, nor even wimper at the thought of going ‘bare faced’? I know last season we saw on the catwalks Natural Looks on the likes of Marc Jacobs, which consisted off Foundation, highlighter and mascara. But Come on! It is a confidence issue for a lot of people? Or it is society providing photoshopped pictures of celebrities with perfect skin, tiny features, perfection… because in my eyes imperfections are way more beautiful.

I grew up around my mum who has natural beauty, she used to wear a tiny amount of make up on special occasions like wedding’s or the rare night out, I would sit and gaze watching her make up routine, my dad would always say honey you look nicer without make up on, and I love that. That is my moto, how can you expect someone to love you if you are always hiding your natural beauty? My mum taught me if you look after your skin well then you shouldn’t need make-up it’s only there to enhance your features, not hide them.

This is why I would much rather spend more money on skin care products than make-up. I know everyone’s routine is different, and don’t get me wrong every couple of months when I run out of my products (or when I’m feeling bored with them) I will change them up, research other products. It’s good for your skin to not get relaxed. The same way to change up your shampoo if not you stop seeing the effects, but you always go back to the products you love!

Welcome to my daily routine!

  • Firstly Wash face – once a week deep cleanse, face mask and facial scrub. Using hot cloth –

I use Garnier pure active exfobrusher spot fighter daily.

  • Cleanse and tone

Love L’Oreal products, never too harsh on my skin and they smell divine.

  • Add serum

L’Oreal age perfect is the best highstreet branded serum and smells amazing, enhances skin’s radiance, after your first use you will be surprised by how soft your skin feels.

  • Moisturiser

I swear by Body Shop moisturisers usually I will go for the Vitamin E set. However, the best one I’ve ever used where I saw instant results and it helped make my skin clear longer term was Crème De La Mer… shame the price is so extortionate, however it did last me a year! Crème De La Mer was first introduced to help scars, then they found it helps with acne and dry skin. I have neither, but still noticed my skin looked amazing!

  • Lip salve – always a forgotten item within daily routines but so important. If you lips are dry I will ensure I carry round Lip Salve to keep topping it up. I would always recommend having an old toothbrush and using this on your lips before applying lipstick, it will ensure you are applying onto a clean surface.

Additional Top products I Swear By and Use Daily!

  1. Elizabeth Arden 8 hour serum – thick, moisture for dry skin. Also a miracle worker for dry lips.
  2. Coconut oil – I literally buy the liquid coconut oil from the food aisle. – Natures way
  3. Off the shelf honey, once a week I will rub in honey on my face and all over my body before I step into the shower, it’s a natural exfoliator.
  4. Heated Eye Lash Curlers
  5. Clear Mascara – personally I don’t like the feel of mascara especially having to take it off! I love using clear mascara as it elongates my lashes and used with heated eye lash curlers your eyes will still pop. Every 6-8 weeks I tint my own lashes blue/black and my eye brows dark brown. This also saves time having to apply mascara before you leave the house as your lashes are already dark! You will thank me for getting this done, it’s the best way to see instant results that last a long time!

I hope after reading this you will think differently about your skin care routine and make up. Lets all Embrace the Bare Face! You will be liberated when you leave the house in the morning with smooth clear skin without polluting it with dirty make up!!


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