a Scottish girl living the American dream. Fashion, beautiful and everything fabulous to me!

…. but behind every great women there is an amazing man.

don’t get me wrong this post isn’t pointing out that men are superior, nor is it stating that women aren’t good enough on their own. i personally don’t think we express or acknowledge the great rocks in our lives.

my man has nearly put up with me for 4 years… i use the term ‘put up with’ because frankly i’m annoying, have the attention span of a 4 year old and i’m very emotional – on a plus note i’m very tidy and usually very organized so i guess he lucked out there! i can’t imagine it’s been easy for him, however sadly after saying his vows in front of our loved ones i guess he is stuck with me!

he has become one of my best friends, listening to my drama’s of the day (yes my life is that thrilling) giving me amazing advice (just like my father but sadly i usually think i knew or know best… annoyingly they both always prove me right) doing things with me, anything from watching satc, one tree hill, to hanging out with me in the gym, among other things i’m sure he’d rather be doing anything else! but the most important part of him other than his love is his continued support and faith in me. he understands what’s important to me whether it’s my work, my feelings in a situation he will back me up even if he doesn’t fully understand my views, he supports my blog so much so he went out and purchased an i-pad to make it easier for me to succeed.

he makes me what to achieve my dreams, succeed in everything i do. he values my opinion. everyone is different don’t get my wrong but why should the man be the bread winner? why should the mortgage and responsibilities be on the man? why shouldn’t we still be striving for equality within our relationship because we’re in a partnership. he has my back but i have his.

this is a little shout/tribute out to the best man in my life (except for my dad of course) too say thank you for your faith.

i will go back to normal blogging…! this is clearly my hungover emotional talk! but please do something for me today, tell the person closest to you how much they mean to you. life is short and these moments don’t happen enough.



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