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it’s sad to think halloween is over this year – which means nearly time for bonfire night and my birthday! – but it’s been good fun! next year i am going for it with my costume!

last night i managed to pull together a dead flapper outfit just using pieces in my wardrobe and being a bit more creative with my make-up! i’m proud of the results. i found it difficult just to find a step by step guide for 1920’s make-up without having to watch a video (showing my lazy/less patient side!)


firstly start with an even canvas, washed, moisturized, waiting at least 10 minutes for your moisture to work before putting on make-up, this help’s it look smoother and also keeps it on for longer. for a night out i always use l’oreal primer – it feels exceptionally amazing on my skin.


on a normal night out i usually just wear concealer (mainly because i hate the feel of foundation on my skin) however after the awesome invention of bb cream i find it more comfortable to wear as it feels like you are just putting on more moisturizer, but with perfect coverage! i start by putting on max factor’s pan stick using a brush, under my eyes, either side of my nose, and any imperfections. next using my fingers i use garnier’s miracle skin perfector bb cream. this creates an amazing clear base for the rest of my make up. then using a body shops powder brush i lightly brush on m.a.c mineralize skinfresh powder. at the same time i have filled in my eye brows using body shop’s brow kit – you can see the frame my face. i think eye brows is the most important feature. i use eye brow mascara to set them in place. then to finish off this stage i curl my eyelashes using forever 21’s heated eye lash curlers.


next is time for smokey eyes. despite completing a make-up course at college i still don’t feel like i have perfected the ‘smokey eye look’ it’s all about practice. firstly creating a base of light browns using body shop’s shimmer cubes in brown using an avon brush blending. then i line the top lid with dams black eye shadow (best one i’ve ever used) blending all the time. finishing off by lining the lower and top lashes using jelly pong pong’s black liner. my favorite mascara at the moment is the colossal by maybelline.


next stage to perfect the 1920’s look you need to have strong pink blusher! i usually stick to the bronzer or coral colors. but first using forever 21’s highlighter stick i highlight my cheek bones, eye’s and forehead. then using body shop’s blush brush using glossy box rosewood blush i brush on diagonally towards the top of my ear. it wasn’t the best coverage i felt like i was brushing for ages to get the coverage i wanted! however this product was free! lastly i finish on my lips using the nicest color for this time of year by max factor called midnight plum – highly recommend. i’ve had this color since i was a teenager.


now it wouldn’t be Halloween without some gore! unfortunately as i just pulled this outfit together in 10 minutes i didn’t have time to buy any stage make-up therefore using my amazing brain i used cherub’s blush cheek and lip stain to create the look of blood – it worked out really well! however being a stain it was hard to take off!!


my whole look consisted of a pair of sparkly mid height silver heels by wallis, h&m flapper dress which was $20 (i did buy this dress when i was 17!) topshops’ fur (which i purchased this time last year!) huge bunch of pearls (vintage) a cheap pearl necklace for a bracelet, and using a crystal bracelet pinning it in my hair to complete my look! (too be fair i would wear this outfit on a nightout!)


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