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Literally these last couple of days have been pants! I don’t know if it’s the change in weather, the fact I’m still getting used to this change, the fact I’m mighty terrible at my job (can you tell I always think the worst in situations?!) however yesterday I turned the grand old age of 26! I received the most amazingly, kind precious messages and gifts from my loved ones around me.. and it instantly made me see the positively again (I don’t mean being surrounded by stuff I mean the love just in case anyone thought I was that shallow!) I have planned the next couple of nights to continue these celebrations of the new year ahead of me! I also managed to sneak a couple of purchases, or should I say amazing bargains on the 12 hour Kate Spade sale..! You know how much I love a bargain!

So with the change of weather it’s time to put together different outfits, ones which are more comfortable in the winter colder months (I can’t believe I think it’s cold here when I’m used to Aberdeen weather) therefore I have been wearing pants a little more. Here are a few outfit ideas for you to help out with the dilemma of going from dresses – usually I live in dresses! – to trousers! I have only a couple of pairs of trousers and would you believe only one pair of jeans – I actually just purchased the other day by Armani.. and man they fit well!


Firstly this is my very Chanel-Esque Topshop crop jacket which I bought years ago (I also have a Black and White longer tweed-like jacket which is perfect for winter cover ups bought from ASOS). I’ve paired this with a Black plain Forever 21 strapy top and Topshop mustard colored trousers. Finished off with a Forever 21 gold necklace and black patent heels. This jacket is good with bright colors, bringing the outfit together in a classy way. I find it’s good for work wear, going out and casual dinners. It’s a great investment.


I purchased a pair of hot pink Burberry trousers from eBay at the start of the year, they cost something ridiculous like $4 the postage worked out more! They are a lovely fit and comfortable to wear for nights out or in work. I paired these with Forever 21 plain black strapy top, Warehouse crop black jacket with detail (which I bought in the sale half price) accessorized with Topshop long gold necklace.


For our casual dressed down days at work I never know what to wear as me dressed down is like gym gear or joggers… I appreciate I can’t get away with this at work! Therefore I have my fail safe Zara trousers, which due to being so tight (thanks Texas… ) suck in my thighs! Paired with Forever21 t-shirt and a statement necklace. In this outfit I’ve just accessorized outfit with a Miu Miu bag (which believe it or not I purchased on eBay brand new for a fraction of the original price!)


Today I am wearing Banana Republic peplum striped top with my fail safe Zara trousers as listed above. Accessorized with Charming Charlie skull bracelet. These trousers can literally be paired with any top because they are such a fabulous shape and color. These are a wardrobe must have!

I want to hear your favorite trouser outfits/items and pictures if possible :)!! Hope these outfits have helped you!


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