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Firstly I have to admit I do love going to the gym releasing all my tension from work – from life! Plus I always get such a buzz when I’m finished a hard workout. Endorphins are racing through my body, I walk in feeling like an absolute whale who has eaten an entire ocean filled with fish to strutting out feeling like I’m a super model and should really sign up with Victoria’s Secrets... If only I was a) 3 foot taller and b) half my weight.

When it comes to working out I like to mix it up, I like to experiment – when I first started working out I used to be too shy to even go into the weight room now I’m filming myself!! How times have changed!!

I am forever researching different moves and gym routines to keep changing up my routine to ensure I’m keeping the focus. My main aim is to tone up… I wanna be rock hard! I know I need to lay off the Reece’s!!

Unfortunately I’m not that high tech to upload videos but I’ve already added to my Instagram if you want to check them out. Remember these are just ideas!!! I’m not a fitness instructor nor am I qualified.. I’m just an average girl passing on tips!!




You can carry out a set of 10 – 2x press ups, using 5kg weights alternate them diagonally x2, rotating arm up with weight, 2x mountain climbers, stagger yourself up using weights, squat holding weights up lastly 2 forward lunges.


Another exercise if like me your looking to work on core using a yoga ball 2 press ups, 2 pulling your knees in then 2 pulling yourself upwards (like a hovering downward facing dog!) amazing feeling the burn for core!


Last example is in and out crunches. As explained photo doesn’t do justice. Carry out sets of 20 mixing up with rotating crunches, sit ups and holding legs straight 6 inches above ground.


Il give more examples every time I do something different. I’m trying to up my gym and exercise routines until Christmas Eve… Wish me luck!!

Good luck trying moves!


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