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Every morning I have my own little routine where I drag myself out of bed, take the dogs out, tidy up (I have OCD and I simply cannot leave my apartment when it’s looking anything less than perfect) then I take time to make myself look presentable to the public, which some days can be quite a chore! Think about your own routine, and then add in picking while conscious beautiful diverse daily work-wear outfits that will make your colleagues green with envy – it’s all quite a lot for your brain to handle before 7am! As much as the task to some may not be considered fun, use Sunday to plan your outfits for the week approaching. At least that’s one less thing to think about in the mornings.

 It can be more of a challenge when you are faced with social or work events in the evenings, especially when you have no option to go home and change into more glamorous outfit that can cleverly disguise the fact you just came straight from work. I have a couple of tips which may help bring your work-to-playtime outfits just by adding or taking away a couple of simple pieces.   

 Firstly start with the basics. When you get dressed for work, pick a simple piece to be the main focus of your outfit that will allow the other pieces to be created around. Usually I flutter between a fitted pencil or peplum dress.  This item will now be the blank canvas that can be decorated however you see fit! This could be plain or printed pants, leather pencil skirt, patterned dress among other fabulous items from your wardrobe.

Office to Office – I will usually add a sleek blazer or fitted cardigan in block colors and will usually try and match this with my footwear, such as black blazer and patent black pumps.  Keep the office look sophisticated, you don’t want your outfits to be too loaded up with different statements. To finish off a simple work outfit, add in a cute hairband or studded ear rings. Wear black tights for a more elegant look, this is good for fall – no girl’s needs goosebumps on her bare legs!

outfitPicture- Blue Peplum ASOS Dress, Next Black Blazer with added vintage button and Target Patent Heels.

Office to Play – This is where you use your interchangeable accessories, whether it’s adding in a belt, statement necklace, colored jacket or bright heels. When it comes to nighttime outfits it’s all about what the statement item will be that you will focus on. I absolutely love chandelier ear rings, Kate Spade has stunning ones which I have already purchased two pairs for winter! I like to use items in a different way, which is interchangeable such as the strap for my clutch is black leather with a gold chain; I sometimes use this as a belt to emphasize my waist.  I don’t tend to wear any make-up during the days so another way I change up my outfits is adding in some lipstick to give my face a little bit of pop!

outfit playPicture – Blue Peplum ASOS Dress, ASOS orange blazer, Zara statement necklace and Nude Patent Heels Target.

The bottom line here is to pick a clothing base where you can accessorize and add or take away layers to create a new look. One of the best things I can suggest is picking out a few of your favorite staples and styling an “office” look with it and an “evening” look with that same piece. Then when you’re rushing out the door to work, pulling together your desk to dinner outfits will be a no-brainer.



2 responses to “Fall Versatile Work-To-Play”

  1. coatsandcheesecake Avatar

    This is actually really helpful! I’m 15 so I don’t have a career yet 😛 but this is great for future experience! I love the idea of choosing a basic piece for work and then accessorising it to create a new look for play 🙂

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    1. francenejoy Avatar

      It definietly helps me in stick situations! I love taking risks with my work wear!

      Thank you for your comment. I love hearing from people ☺️

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