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After my birthday and after being spoilt rotten for a month solid, it saddens me we are moving into December and my spoilt-ness will not come again until Nov 2015. The temptation of Black Friday is too easy for me to passionately surf online and dump items in my basket that I like but I’m mainly buying because there bargains and I feel I have to.

Since Moving to America I can tell the huge difference between the prices in the UK and the fantastic prices here, we get a lot more quality for our money. All the items I have bought since moving over have been designer, and I’m not saying that because I’ve become a high biller in recruitment or Rockafella.. (If only that was the case for both of those statements!) but I’m saying it because it’s a fact and it’s a much better standard of living.

I’ve written an article on ‘being smart with your purchases’ http://wp.me/p5g6XV-1V and it’s true we should – but sometimes a gal just needs a beautiful pretty pair of Carrie Bradshaw heels.. but for a fraction of the Jimmy Choo prices!

Kardashian-Kollection-Tux01_quote mgtpaw14001_nude_2_6

 I absolutely love the Kardashian Kollection at Lipsy http://www.lipsy.co.uk/store/kardashian. If you haven’t already had a peek do it now and quickly before it’s all sold out. The only issue I have with celebrities or designers doing a collection is the fact that EVERYONE has the same outfit. I like to be different, but still play within the fashion limits…if this is at all possible.  

The Heels above are from www.missguidedus.com as are my other purchases. I like to stick to one website I can splurge on opposed to buying an item from heaps of different ones. http://www.ASOS.com hasn’t been my cup of tea with pieces this month, nor were any of the others. I wanted to pick up statement pieces for Christmas Nights Out and New Year – don’t lie to yourself we all spend the whole year looking for that perfect NYE dress to make all the girls jealous and guys stare. The Heels are very Carrie Bradshaw-Samantha-Esque. They cost $50 and with the nude color will go with a host of different outfits. Maybe not the most ideal in the rain… It’s been a while since I bought a pair of heels I was excited about to join in the collection!

rosario_15 15_04_14-joanna-mc12485

I absolutely fell in love with this dress. They did have one without the cut outs but I loved this one too much plus it was on sale down to below $50. However, this is also going to be my motivator to tone up my body (No I won’t go and speak about Crossfit again or how much I love getting up so early in the morning to work out..) It’s beautiful color will go with range of hair color types and also it’s a statement dress. You won’t need anything but Nude heels to go with it. I think the models hair would look better up though.

emily-15_07_14-aj_94242 arlesa_5

I love Bright colors, and my wardrobe is mixed with an array of colors however for some reason I always get drawn back to the yellow/lime colors. I think it makes girls with brown hair stand out. It’s a beautiful flattering style – again will be a big motivator to get my ass in the dress! you could add Black heels and accessories keeping it classy, or gold, or silver. It’s such a diverse color. This again was in the sale for around $35. This will definitely be my NYE dress.. if I stop eating Reeces…!!

As much as I find it easy to buy items to go with my wardrobe – at least I think I do. I always like to ensure I have a pair of beautiful heels to compliment them. I’m happy to buy a bargain dress/top/accessories but you just can’t scrimp on Bags or Heels. They are always the focus of my outfits. Where my passion lies!

What are your NYE outfit options? Are you a Bag/Dress/Accessories or Heels Kinda Gal?


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