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After searching for my ultimate Christmas Party and NYE optionshttp://wp.me/p5g6XV-4T – and finding them… (CrossFit better help me look beautiful and toned in these gorgeous numbers!) I carried on searching for the PERFECT Festive Outfit this 2014.

Us Gals love some glitz and sparkle especially this time of year. It’s just not the same strutting down the street in a sparkly gold dress in the middle of summer…! These cold nights you can wrap up warm in a jacket, taking it off to reveal a sizzling hot look underneath.

I have my fair share of sparkly dresses such as a pink and black D&G number (only worn once in Vegas.. where else?!) and a Silver Short Tight Sparkly Outfit I bought myself when I passed my OOW Orals (Yes there is a brain underneath my lack-of-common-sense/ridiculous-comments) however they are both very severe. I feel with the colors this fall it’s more about lighter, paler loser pieces.

image1xxl8 image2xxl9

Firstly start with a STUNNING dress, like this. Needle & Thread Bandeau Gloss Willow Maxi Dress from http://us.asos.com/Personal-Stylist/Isabella-Thordsen/Cat/pgecategory.aspx?cid=19808&CTARef=nav_isabella_edit&r=1&mk=VOID Now yes it’s expensive, but this can be worn throughout the year, think of this as an investment. Perfect for Black tie functions, Christmas Night Out, Wedding’s you name it you could pull this off. Retail around $350

image1xxl4Now pair this with a Beige Coat – totally in this season. Again this is from ASOS retailing around $150. However, this is a statement piece which can be worn during the day, with a range of different looks.


Now you add a hot clutch. I’ve gone with gold Metallic shimmer to bring out the gold in the dress. It’s by American Apparel and also can be bought from ASOS. Retail around $85

untitledAccessorized your look with a pair of dazzling earrings – these are from Kate Spade http://www.katespade.com/  and currently in the sale from $98 to $29 – I should know they are sitting at home ready for their first outing!

image1xxl2Now keep your make-up minimal and hair either messy bun up or messy wavy down. You want the dress to be the show stopper! Match with Gold Nails or nude if you wanna play it safe.

247anoukpat_nude_sideThe Heels… Nude is the only color. I looked at Strappy sandals for this outfit but I just don’t like how it cuts off the leg. I think the heels should not be noticed. It’s all about the floating dress. Therefore, I would pair with Nude Jimmy Choo heels Patent would be nicer. retail around $600  http://us.jimmychoo.com

Now in an ideal world yes this outfit would be perfect however in total it will come to over $1000 (it’s $1214).. I’m certainly not made of money and as much as I love items and investment in my wardrobe (This is the card I play everytime with my husband I always mention a pair of White jeans I’ve had since I was 17… still going strong peeps!) So here is an alternative, I hate nothing more than reading magazines and seeing amazing options then looking at the price!

Keep the Kate Spade Earrings as they are on sale, $28, keep the polish $10.


Now I’m keeping to ASOS with the rest of the purchases. Change the clutch to New Look Clear Box Clutch with Removable Glitter Pouch retail $39. which I actually think is nicer!


Add in heels by London Rebel Polly Clear Insert Court which were $40 and are pretty with the insert.


1  The dress options VLabel Wapping Maxi Dress in Metallic Foil which is on sale for $90. It’s beautiful Maxi and flattering for shape.

Or Rare Chain Back Maxi Dress which is on sale for $25 3

I’d still keep with the Beige Jacket as You know you will wear it more often opposed to the dress.

so it totals to $357 saving $1857!

It’s always worth a deep search, it took me 15 minutes to find alternatives! Hope this has helps!


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