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When filling in brows, make tiny hair-like marks with your brow pencil for a more realistic look.

Use a primer on your eyebrows before applying pencil or powder. It’ll make the product stay on much longer.

If you want a more defined eyebrow, use a stencil to help shape them, like Anastasia Brow Stencils ($20, anastasia.net).

Use clear mascara to groom your brows and keep them in place.

When plucking eyebrows, be sure to pluck in the direction of the hair. Otherwise, you could end up with an ingrown hair.

When penciling in your brows, extend the tail end so it’s higher or at the same level as where the brow begins (never lower, which brings down your features).

For a bold nighttime look, use a brow powder that’s a shade darker than you typically wear.

If your brows are sparse, try combing them downward instead of up after you fill in with pencil. This way, the hair will cover the pencil marks and create a more natural finish.

Thin brows make you look older, so don’t be afraid to fake a fuller look.

Never tweeze when you’re bored or angry, or you might end up taking off more than you intended.

The highest point of the brow should be about two-thirds of the way out, not in the middle of the brow.

Use a brow regrowth serum with active ingredients, like Joey Healy Brow Renovation Serum ($125, joeyhealy.com) to help sparse eyebrows grow back in.

Make sure brows start at the bridge of your nose.

If you have a square-shaped face, go for a thick brow.

If you have a round face, aim for a more defined brow arch to make your face appear more oval.

If you have a long face, go for a straight, flat brow shape.

Don’t feel the need to make your eyebrows match your hair color exactly. Sometimes it’s more flattering to go lighter or darker than your natural color.

Remember that brows are sisters, not twins, so no amount of plucking will ever make them identical.

. If your eyebrows are out of control, then brush them upward with a clear mascara and then trim them ever so slightly.

Hope these have helped ☺️



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