Lace Cover Up

I love recycling outfits, adding on items, or shrugs or lace jackets to make them look totally different. This season it’s all about long maxi pleated skirts with a cute jumper. This goes with jumper over a cute dress, mixing the colors and fabrics.

When I first moved over to Houston, I couldn’t handle the extremes from being in the hot sun to walking into a mall or place to eat and the air con was on full making it super cold! I was constantly carrying around a jacket in the height of summer!! I hate ruining a perfect outfit with a cardigan or jacket if it doesn’t exactly go with the look I’m going for. I found a gorgeous lace top in Forever 21 and this became my summer piece!

photo 2 (3) photo 4 (3) I have a Warehouse dress which has a grey strappy top joined to a pink pleated maxi skirt, looks like two items but it’s a dress. I also have a pink pleated TopShop mini strappy dress. Now both can be worn with a jacket, or jumper or on their own, but when I paired them with the Lace Top they looked totally different. Which meant I could wear them into the evening just by adding the lace.

photo 3 (3)Go home and look through your wardrobe and pair items together you wouldn’t have done before. Take a picture and see what you think. I’ve done this with so many of my outfits and it means you are recycling your clothes and having fun with them. Don’t just copy what the magazines or models are doing, add your own individual twerk!

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