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I have been waiting for this moment since Chanel introduced us to the perfume bag…. Unfortunately to have this perfect item in my life I would need thousands and frankly I’m not willing to depart with that amount of money unless it’s a Quilted Leather Chanel Classic bag.

Back to reality and out of my dreams!


I found a similar more affordable purse on ASOS. ALDO Frame Perfume Bottle Clutch Bag With Chain Shoulder Strap in black. It retails normally at $75



How pretty and how much do you want this?! Then head to http://www.asos.com now because it’s only $45!!!

This is my hot tip… And please note mine will be delivered 5th of Jan!


2 responses to “January Must Have – Perfume Purse”

  1. Helen Le Avatar
    Helen Le

    Oh my gosh thank goodness it’s not just me, I’ve been obsessed with them! I also really love clutches that look like books, I think they look so cute!

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    1. francenejoy Avatar

      Totally agree! I love anything different to me its like art.

      My mum used to have a rolled up newspaper clutch ive never found one like it

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