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Yesterday I had a spare 10 minutes waiting for a contractor so where better to spend my time then dashing into Forever 21 for a little inspiration.

Although my wardrobe is bursting at the seems, no matter what I always have an outfit for an occasion however I still look into my closet & I feel I’ve seen these pieces too often, I feel bored. Every once in a while it’s good to just buy a fashionable piece to spruce everything up a notch.

Being in H-Town I’ve been sheltered by winter (sure I will get a shock when I go home next week) but for now I’m making the most of this weather.

My key piece is a Forever 21 pleated chiffon short skirt in navy. Cost only $16.



The model has paired this up with a white plain top I would also suggest if you are playing it safe to pair with a black top too.

But this season it’s all about mixing and matching colours & textures. I would pair up with a lace top these are both from Forever 21




Now for the fun part to complete the outfit Heels!! My options are below – make the heels be the key items. You don’t want the skirt to look short you want it to be effortless and look sophisticated.





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