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Choos & Doos Fashion Predictions

There is no way I am in the position to predict any fashion trends coming in the New Year, however I can give my opinion on how my wardrobe is evolving and preparing for 2015. So Welcome to my Quarter 1 Fashion Predications.

I think we will be seeing a lot more emerald’s and navy’s especially around the award ceremonies in February. Last year it was all about the pale colors, this year it will be the opposite. It will be simple and sophisticated pieces. Personally I will be embracing my heels and bags more next year, I feel they have maybe bee neglected a little bit, over shadowed by items like necklaces, rings and key clothing pieces.

Quarter 1 will definitely be more cozy and casual wear, I know after just raiding my storage wardrobe and putting all my big jumpers in my case for wearing at home. I will be following up this with ‘how to glitz your casual jumper’ as I know I’ll be living in jumpers at home. Longue fashionable wear is definitely in, think offsite ballet look. This is my aim… just without being stick thin 😉 I’ll be embracing the loose bun look, minimal make-up, with rose cheeks and wrap around soft jumpers.

In my eyes although I’m predicting darkness in clothing, accessories and heels will be brighter.

What do you predict for Quarter 1?

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