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I’ve touched upon tinting your eye lashes and eyebrows previously. I’m obsessed with my eye brows being in a clean thick shape without lots of stray hairs. I swear by h&ms eyebrow clear gel to keep they slick and in place.

It’s important to pay attention to your brows as they frame your face. If I’m going to put on any make-up it’s eye brow pencil.

As it’s winter I’ve officially gone back dark with my hair colour which I feel so much better for. I left the roots and faded colour too long. However due to being darker I noticed my eye brows were a lot lighter.


Therefore I tinted my eye brows but instead of going for brown with a touch of black to create the dark brown I just went for black with a touch of brown for added warmth.


As you can see it’s made a huge difference!!

Trust me it’s the little things that truly make the difference to your appearance!!!


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