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Now we’re back in the New Year I’m determined to start the year as I plan to go ahead…! One of my personal resolutions was to make more of an effort in my appearance. Now I don’t mean outfits, as I feel I’m still enjoying having fun and experimenting, but I mean with my hair and make-up during the day at work. I don’t know what it is, maybe I’m lazy? Maybe I’m still in the Merchant Navy frame of mind where I don’t like wearing make-up during the day and my hair is always tied back in a plait, either way when working in an office I just never feel like I look good…!! I think I constantly feel messy. Anyone with curly hair, which is sometimes unmanageable will hear my words it’s difficult sometimes, I could leave my house after spending hours taming my hair to walk outside a second later and it’s curly/frizzy/wavy. I wanna be more slick in the work place… I had a couple of disasters last year such as splitting my skirt… twice! In my defense both times was getting into a car but it could just be down to the size of my butt which I’m not willing to believe 🙂


Anyways, I absolutely love this top, Khaki by Missguided. It’s easy to wear in work, casually and for a nightout. As you can see I added a statement Topshop necklace with gold (great match for Khaki color) and pink tones which again looks really good against this color. I’ve paired this up with black Zara trousers, skinny and nude target heels (the nude will be a good pairing with the pale statement necklace. Black heels would have been too harsh in contrast).

Any tips on maintaining my hair or ways to wear hair in office?! Mid-length and thinnish! Thank you!!


3 responses to “Effort..”

  1. bflyrenee Avatar

    Effort is hard sometimes for me too

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  2. Kimberley McLeod Avatar
    Kimberley McLeod

    I have thin hair, I use a number of techniques, back combing and using a hairband, again back combing and using some hight for ponytail. Some days I just embrace the waves and frizz, especially if its raining!! X

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    1. francenejoy Avatar

      Love this i will need to try!!


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