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Hey we all have our guilty pleasures, it’s okay to….

1. To sit and watch from the start episodes of your favorite TV show when you were younger… cough cough currently on season 7 of One Tree Hill

2. to take nail polish with you to get your nails done in the salon because you can never do them as beautifully (and your lazy)

3. to avoid all the sale rails and head to the full price side because you simply don’t have the concentration to go sift through even if it is 50% off

4. to sit watching the clock in the morning hoping that time will stand still so you can have more time in bed

5. to have the best intentions about new year, new year and new start after stuffing your face with pizza ..!

6. to pour a glass of bubbles (aka sparkling water) with a slice of lime and pretend it’s a glass of champagne when you’re part taking in dry January!

7. to sit with an e-mail open at work with an important title but really be e-mailing your friend gossip about the weekend

8. to spend your full yearly budget on a miracle skin care product (crème de le mer) and then use own brand products for the rest of year (so worth it!)

9. to buy the latest on trend work out gear just for lounging around and certainly not for gym… hey at least you look great doing nothing!

10. to wear the brightest lipstick just because you want to!

11. to prefer to wear a dress inside out after cutting off the labels because you think it looks better this way – you’re setting a trend for god’s sake!

12. to use food coconut oil for your body & face – after all it is cheaper and has exactly the same effect

13. to take a personal day and literally spend it reading the latest monthly magazines with endless cups of tea opposed to using the day productively!

14. to instantly start planning the weekend ahead on Monday morning! Makes the week easier when you have solid plans to look forward to!

15. to cover your body with honey from the cupboard and run about your apartment naked for 20 minutes to ensure it has time to sink in and start an effect – not very good solution but amazing after effects! (Just make sure if you have dogs to avoid going near them…!)

16. to secretly love Tyler Swift songs, know all the words and inside have a happy inner child bouncing up and down when she comes on the radio for the 100th time that morning!

17. to be more enthusiastic and looking forward to a sporting march more than your partner (even if it’s because you have a crush on one of the players and think when he makes eye contact with you that’s it…. Cough James Harden…!!)

18. it’s cool if you sometimes have no idea what you are doing at work and wonder how you managed to wrangler your way into the position you’re in…. (how am I 26, working ashore, in Houston as an Account Manager….!?)

19. to experiment with your make-up for a night out, then take it all off and go with your usual look anyways after all…! If it isn’t broke why fix it?!

20. to sometimes stalk your ex bff’s to see how much better you are doing and get annoyed when you realize their profile is no longer public… how rude!!

I wanna know your secrets, shameful loves or pleasures J send them through and share them with the world, stand up and be proud because it’s ok!


2 responses to “It’s okay…”

  1. vogueinfatuation Avatar

    hahahaha number 9 is too true!
    just followed, would be much appreciated if you followed back ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. francenejoy Avatar

      Im exactly the same!!

      Liked by 1 person

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