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Keeping with the fitness-new-year-new-me-healthy-living lifestyle it’s easy to fall into bad habits, and also easy to slip up especially if your work colleagues are bringing in fine cakes, chocolate, or your meeting clients for lunch or you go out for dinners a lot, it’s difficult to find a healthy balance. I’m a creature of habit and find it really easy to stick to the same foods, but they need to interest me and satisfy my hunger! I find myself starving dramatically in the morning and then again at 3pm. At the weekends or days off it’s a lot easier to stay busy and not be sitting at your desk at work craving something sweet.

Here are a couple of snacks I have at work which satisfy my tummy rumbles and taste great J

Sesame bars
Protein bars
Bombay mix
Yogurt covered raisins, pretzels & cranberries.

My food diary during the day usually consists of:

Cup of tea, protein bar and banana at breakfast
Salad, Bombay mix and sparkling water for lunch
Snack Sesame bar or yogurt covered goodies
Protein bar before gym work out

What are your favorite snacks during the day?



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