a Scottish girl living the American dream. Fashion, beautiful and everything fabulous to me!

I have waited a whole year for event season, the chance for us to watch Hollywood stars walk along the red carpet, sparkling, floating, looking flawless, most outfits are simply perfection… Others hmm not so much!

I care more about what people wear than who wins the awards… That I’m sure is the same for a number of people.

The main colors on the red carpet was as expected, blues, reds, sparkles and touches of yellow. I have selected a couple of favorites and wtf was your stylist thinking! But I wanna hear your comments…


I’m really not a fan of this white dress with a silver ribcage. Firstly it looks like it should be in a syfy film and secondly it is showing a bit too much chest for this event. 4/10


Jennifer Lopez has let me down with this dress. There is too much going on, I really don’t like the color on her. A more gold color would have looked much better. However, her make up is flawless she looks perfect especially the hair. Because of that il give her 6/10


I don’t mean to be horrible, and I really love supporting women but this dress makes her look a lot bigger.., it’s not flattering at all. I have no other comments 2/10


The contrast with the white & the tortoise accessories make this whole outfit come together very simply but sophisticated. This look is truly beautiful. 8/10



I had to show the back & front so you can appreciate the greatness. Although it’s quite fussy, there is a lot going on – the accessories don’t add too much – the whole outfit looks thought out. She looks stunning 9/10


This look is very 2015, the gorgeous red satin one shoulder dress will very much be the key to this coming year. Personally this isn’t my ideal dress but it looks great and very ‘in’ 8/10


This look is very me – without a doubt. I saw it and the skin at the back of my neck stood on end. She looks old school Hollywood but brought into the 21st century. Hair is perfection and looks nominalistic over one shoulder, make up simple, the key to this entire outfit is the dress and colour. 10/10


I still have no idea why Kelly Osborne is in any position to give fashion advice or speak negativity about anyone else. (Il always be team Xtina!) this whole look doesn’t work for me. The hair clashes with the dress, the dress colour is too dark and I just don’t like the style. 1/10


I’m a huge fan of Jen A and to me she always look glamorous, effortless and her age. She usually does play it safe, especially more recently however to me this is too safe and she’s nominated! Come on take a chance!!! Still she looks fabulous, hair I’d prefer down but it is a beautiful dress 8/10


This is a winning look and she won on the night. On trend with the pastel blue dress, beautiful embracing her figure. This is the best look I’ve seen her. 9/10


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