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Oh I’m sure I’m not the only lady out there who suffers from bad skin just before the time of month? I’m also sure I’m not the only girl who breaks out when I’m feeling emotional. And it sucks! There is nothing that makes me feel more self conscious. I also hate just covering up with foundation upon foundation! This will only make matters worse.

So for the last 7 days I’ve been trying desperately to clear my skin up and feel better! This consisted of not adding make-up just taking a deep breath & dealing with my imperfections!



This is my skin before. I used face mask twice this week which had charcoal extracts. Activated charcoal acts like a magnet to draw out deep-dwelling pore-cloggers. White China clay absorbs environmental toxins, and lecithin dissolves impurities. Without all that stuff down there, skin breathes a sigh of relief. Best for all skin types.



This face mask is drawing out all the bad in my skin. Leaving it tight, clearer & clean.



My skin after the second face mask. Now it’s time for my homemade coconut oil & brown sugar scrub. Surly this will help?!



Vast improvement to my skin – I can see the difference. Looks radiant & a lot clearer. Hopefully in the next couple of days it will go back to normal – then this process will happen again!!

How do you get rid of your imperfections?


5 responses to “Emotional Skin”

  1. engelsfrance Avatar

    Yessss, you did great!!! One more great tip…aromatherapy…..you can use pure tea tree oil directly on the critical spots….and if you want to make night patches, please check my post for diy anti acne patches with tea tree essential oil and rice paper….essential oils can also be used to balance hormons and relax from stress….and using coconut oil has anti bacterial and anti inflammatory benefits…this is a great choice for scrub…..i enjoyed reading you….great post!


  2. jacintaclaire Avatar

    Oh girl, I’m with you! Nobody has perfect skin, I get spots all over before and during “that time of the month”. I can’t believe that face mask though! woah- just in the pictures you can see how much good its doing…. I must try xx

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    1. francenejoy Avatar

      It is amazing! My skin is finally clear again!


  3. Sarah Provan Avatar
    Sarah Provan

    Hey Francene! What mask did you use? It looks like the Origins one i have…? xx

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    1. francenejoy Avatar

      Charcoal & black sugar mud mask by freeman? Those indiviudal packs! Worked wonders!!

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