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Ok, I know you are looking at the above pictures and thinking WTF – Where’s The Tan From?! Well here is one of my biggest tips and now is a perfect time to add this secret into your day to day routine! You’ll thank me for it when you have a glowing tan..!!

So get yourself some containers you can mix in products – I got these for $1 at Target. Now if your looking for a light gradual streak free tan then add in an oil based body moisturizer and a gradual fake tan product (I used St T) if you want a darker gradual tan then mix 3 parts moisturizer and 1 part fake tan – keep adding until you have the perfect match. Make your own gradual tan!! Let me know how you get on! I’ve already started!!

My skin gets extremely dry between seasons and sometimes my moisturizers for my body just isn’t enough. Try adding in coconut oil or argon oil to add more moisture to the skin.

Create ultra soft skin – just in time for summer!


One response to “DIY Moisturizer & Tan”

  1. carascliche Avatar

    Why have I never DIY’ed this?! Thanks for the “recipe” going to try it stat!

    xx Cara

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