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Chic Make-Up That Won’t Break The Bank

Yep you have read that correctly! I truly believe and live by the code of looking after your skin using good products with the right ingredients and have fun experimenting with make-up -it certainly doesn’t need to be expensive!

I was in need of Green, earthy eye shadows but as it’s outside my ‘norm’ colours I really didn’t know how often I’d use the colours to justify spending a small fortune. Therefore I found my go-to brand – NYC found in all the highstreets/shopping centers. Bargain prices!

I purchased green eye shadow kit along with nude lip balm and brown eye brown pencils.

The eye colour went on beautifully – maybe needed to seal the colour using vitamin E spray but it looked vibrant. Eye brown pencils work a treat and don’t get me started on my now favorite lip colour!

Don’t be drawn always to the ‘brands’ we know think outside the box and experiment!!




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