Dreams Really Do Come True 

Dreams really do come true! Lauren Conrad teamed up with Disney to design a Cinderella-inspired collection for Kohl’s. It’s an absolutely beautiful collection which has captured the fairy tale perfectly. It’s girlie, chic and simple. Pieces that can be worn everyday and jazzed up for evening. 

It’s a collection I can’t wait to purchase and wear just in time for summer! 

“I’m a big Disney fan, and because the new Cinderella movie is coming out soon, we designed a glass slipper-inspired collaboration,” writes Conrad on her website. “The collection includes whimsical, romantic and all-around pretty tops, skirts, dresses and shoes, which I love.”

What’s good enough for LC is good enough for me, and it’s safe to say I also love the girly simplicity of this collection! Encompassing ten items, the collection has a light and airy feel that I do believe would be fit for Cinderella herself! But, don’t let her have all the fun.Shop this collection at Kohl’s to dress like Cinderella, too — but be sure to be back before the clock strikes midnight!

Enjoy ladies! 😘





Images: Kohl’s (3),

One comment

  1. She looks gorgeous and the photos are so nicely done as well!
    I think if I was to purchase any of these outfits I would probably go for the last one!

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