a Scottish girl living the American dream. Fashion, beautiful and everything fabulous to me!

I have been terrible with updating my blog – this will improve hopefully as my life is becoming more organized chaos instead of just chaos! 

I have secured contributing roles with My Red Glasses & Sharpheels! This hopefully will excuse my lack of posts…!!! 

Enjoy tips below! 

Apply chap stick on paper cuts to instantly heal it! 

Pumpkin, coconut oil, honey, and yogurt is a great recipe for a DIY hair mask!

Not all oils are bad for your skin-olive oil is a great alternative to use in both foods and facial masks if you’re at risk for breakouts.

Use clear packing tape to remove any oil spots you may get on your face.

Put on apricot oil, the kind found in health-food stores, to protect cuticles from turning rough and raggedy.

Use an illuminating cream-colored shadow along the cheekbones to perk up your complexion and on your cupid’s bow to give a plump pout look.

To firm breasts and tighten the skin, mix one teaspoon of vitamin E oil with one tablespoon of yogurt and an egg.

Once a week, raw natural honey can be used as a face mask for softer  skin and cleaning pores because it’s a natural anti-bacterial product.


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  1. Anja Avatar

    A bottle that’s a hat works too although there is a package ideal.

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