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This evening I was reading one of my colleagues articles and it was all about friendship and how she is struggling to keep up with everyone dye to busy schedules and the fact she has friends all over. I read this article with a heavy heart and related to how she was currently feeling. 

Since moving to Houston my hubby & I have been extremely blessed with the supportive, kind and amazing pals we now have in our life. We have made so many gorgeous memories already I feel spoiled! I have butterflies about our next chapters together! 


With that being said I still find it difficult to keep up my motivation with my ‘friends’ back home. I use that term loosely! I have tried desperately hard, maybe too hard to keep in touch and make the effort with little response or effort back! This sadly includes family… The term out of sight out of mind couldn’t be any truer. There are some who have surprised me and some who I speak daily too but others, and sadly a couple of my closest who as soon as I said goodbye (please note I didn’t intend forever) just stopped making an effort…!!! 

I’m trying to think about this situation realistically, logically and using my head opposed to my heart. Some times friendships fade naturally, some times your friendship was just special in that particular chapter of your life and sometimes you will have those closest who will be next to you for a lifetime! 

After my first day off from work in what feels like forever (spent most if it I’m my phone sending e-mails) I cleaned out my apartment and went through my memory boxes and photos. With a smile I exchanged a number of them with friends who are supporting me now and make me happy. Life is far too short to constantly be the one who is making the effort. I’m sure y’all know by now my friends are my first loves and my passion will continue to grow. 

I just have to breathe in, smile and think your loss! If you are going through similar changes think positively you’ll always be moving in the right direction 😘


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