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No this isn’t about my favorite guy dates of the week… If that was the case think my husband would be questioning me!! This is my favourite two outfits of the week! 

Firstly, I drove out to the a Woodlands last week to spend a girlie night with my bestie enjoying maybe far too many cocktails but laughing so hard my sides hurt! Best medicine (next day didn’t feel so hot though..!) 

Pink patent heels by Guess, dress dark blue and neutral dress from River Island, pink clutch from accessorize. Spike necklace from forever 21 

My next dreamy outfit was just dinner with friends after work. The weather hasn’t been great therefore it very much required an outfit which covered me up! 

Black skirt from Target, grey textured sweater from H&M along with statement necklace, blue jimmy choo clutch & heels. 

So now it’s the weekend bring on more beautiful outfits from Choos And Fashion Doos!! 

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  1. arlene Avatar

    Thats great

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