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Don’t get your hopes up I have no ‘secret’ discounts for Jimmy Choos online 😦 as much as I’d love this! However I did pickup a couple of great buys over the last week I wanted to share with y’all!! 

I have been looking all over town for work heels, when did it become so difficult to find a practicable plain pair of heels that don’t cost a fortune?! I went to all my normal hot spots like target and forever 21… Nothing! Argh! Like weeks later my husband dragged me.. Yep that is true as I was feeling gross and in a bad mood after not being able to fit my ass into a pair of shorts (half price I might add!) into Coach and typically heels $129. Then god spoke to me I was given a voucher for 50% off anything in shop. Therefore the black patent and nude heels came home with me!

Along with the cutest little Coach Coin Purse!! In love! 

Sticking to the sophisticated simple look we popped into H&M as they had a sale 2 tees or tanks for $10! Yes please!!🙋 great addition to my closet as they can be paired with almost anything! 

Have you found any great buys this week?! X 


One response to “Weekly Choos Bargains ”

  1. atkokosplace Avatar

    With 50% off how can a girl resist! 😉 Love the coin purse. How adorable is that?! Have a great day!❀

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