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Is it just me or is it extremely inconvenient when life, work, social life gets in the way of each other? I swear the last month has been crazy, whether I’ve been bogged down with work, or busy doing fitness, making plans with friends or just my mind has gone to mush but I have struggled to organize myself – which isn’t normal as usually I’m a very focused person ready with my to do list to start ticking items off. 


Please tell me this is just a phase in my life and it’s not the fact I’m getting older, doing too much or my body is telling me to take a ‘me time break’. Either way, tonight (Friday night.. yep I’m that hard core) I have my blog ideas to get through, my contribution pieces to streamline and a heap of work to do for Monday.


The older I get the more I’m learning about myself each day, and it’s surprising. Sometimes not in a good way. I go a million miles an hour oblivious to any problems, feelings my mind/body is experiencing mainly because I don’t generally like to admit things, or admit defeat in some cases or deal with my feelings about a particular situation. Definitely not a trait I would recommend or encourage in anyone, because by the time I realize there is anything wrong it knocks me for six!


My blog is my savior in many ways as it’s a way to release my passions, or express my thoughts and unfortunately it’s taken a bit of a side line due to my hectic month! This is a promise to all my beautiful readers that I vow to get better and I also vow to be more honest with my writing. I love nothing more than reading posts about real souls. It’s certainly more relatable, and sometimes we just need to see that everyone is human and we all make mistakes, whether big or small. 


Which leads me on to a topic which has been in my mind, I’ll give you a bit of background story one of my friends has been involved in an affair (she’s the single one… he’s married) and it’s been going on behind his wives back for 2 years. Now, instantly you’re probably blaming her right?! Single girl what’s she doing going after a married man? I couldn’t agree more, but realistically we sometimes don’t pick how our heart feels so let’s get over that issue. I’ve tried to sit from the sidelines and advise, listen or discourage as much as possible which I have to admit it wasn’t easy to sit back and watch my friend pick this path. They have recently split up, and I hate the fact I’m miles away that I can’t even be there to give her a hug and tell her everything is going to be okay.


So now you have the background story, and don’t get me wrong there is more to this but I appreciate the judgment initially. I pose my question to you all, is it possible nowadays to stay in a monogamist relationship forever? Do you think our generation give up easily, or give in to temptations as soon as one is presented? We are surrounded by celebrities who get divorced after 2 days (cough Britney Spears… to name but one out of a million!) who break-up make-up and make this an acceptable way to your relationships, when they get tough or you hit a bad patch you give up. I watched my parents go through hard times, but no matter what they stuck together and it made them stronger. Does it take a special love/bond to last a lifetime, or do people just settle because society tells them too? This makes me sad, I have always been under the fairy tale illusion that love it forever and will give you the happily ever after, but what if that’s not the case anyone? 


I’m interested in your views on this. I see it from two angles, one (which might not go down well) you only live once, and through my career I was always taught you need to look after number one so why should have be any different in your personal life (speaking from an outsider without the feelings… however appreciate it might have been better to discuss feelings/split up before going after it… two it’s absolutely unacceptable. You took the vows in front of your friends and family to love and cherish forever. Does blame go on both sides of the relationship of the breakdown?



This is my topic of the week and food for thought… looking forward to comments.








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