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So you would think having a blog I’m very much in touch with my feelings and expressing them. News flash very much not the case! When it comes to speaking about how I feel I instantly lose my wording, or bottle it up which we all know is never a good idea. 

Bottling up your feelings only leads to a huge dramatic release of everything. Usually just expressed to my poor husband. 

Therefore being the adult I am I have decided to sort this issue out! How you ask?! After a referral from my friend I booked myself a session with a therapist. In my head I thought it might be good to speak to a stranger. 

After an hour of me basically expressin everything an overwhelmed therapist gave some advice. Be honest with yourself and with the people around you and communicate. 

Will I go back? Not sure. Was it beneficial? Yes as it made me express out loud and it made me see I’m surrounded by an array of amazing friends who maybe I just need to start using their ears. 

For me it’s a fear I’m the only person feeling like this or scared it’ll create judgement. Friends are our biggest fans, biggest supporters and if they are true friends you should trust them. 

So my two cents for this week is to communicate. If you don’t like something speak up. If we can’t speak up for ourselves how can we expect anyone else too?! How can we expect anyone to reach out to us if we have a problem if they don’t know?! 

My promise after this learning curve is to equally share ! Your partner isn’t your private therapist.

Looking forward to your thoughts on this 🙂 


2 responses to “Talking it out… ”

  1. elosie Avatar

    You’re right! Friends should be people who we can always talk to…. I probably don’t talk to mine enough! Maybe I should start ☺️ whatever your problems are I’m sure you’re not the only one experiencing difficulties! Thankyou for this post lovely 😊

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    1. francenejoy Avatar

      Thank you for the comment :)!

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