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Following on from my waxing session I purchased their in store product ‘slow it body wash’ 

At $20 this amazing body wash (or just to be used around your lady parts!) promises to cleanse the waxed area without leaving a residue that could clog pores and cause ingrown hair.

My amazing waxer explained to me that a hair follicle that has never been waxed before is large and bulbous at the end, which can make it painful. But that every time it’s waxed, the bulb becomes smaller and thinner, resulting in a less painful waxing session.
This wonder lotion not only nourishes the skin, it’s packed with special plant enzymes that decrease hair length and density. This means hair grows back softer and thinner so future waxes are a breeze.
Definetly would recommend! After care is the most important part!  



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  1. janisrenzi7856 Avatar

    Where can I purchase this product?


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