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I’ve enjoyed a lovely relaxing Sunday, all be it I was dragged out of bed at 5am by my excited husband who was delighted I was joining him and his friend on their fishing trip to Galveston (nope they didn’t catch a thing…) then we lazed around the apartment and decided to not break Sunday popcorn cinema night by seeing Bridge Of Spies (very good film, Tom Hanks is brilliant).

I found myself naturally looking up my emails as soon as the lights came up (going to the movies is the only time I can escape my head which is constantly stuck in this perpetual cycle of worry, work, family, money (my next purchase…) articles, my ever expanding to do list, how much I really need to work out more and stop eating crap then work seeps in again) to my delight already I received the first work drama – on a Sunday! I’d much prefer to enjoy a peaceful sleep and walk into this drama but no we live in a world where business hours do not exist.

Last week I let my positivity fade, in fact disappear – during this time I realized how much I generally lean on myself to pick myself up because there was no one else, there was no solutions to my problems, more discussions on my recent short comings and pressure to get them fixed. There was no escape from the continued screw ups (fully on me!) drama, bad news and leatures…. I felt like I was back in school or college and disappointing my parents (which used to feel like daily).

In a job based about people i very much try to treat people the way I would like to be treated. My husband questions my motives all the time when I’m volunteering, helping someone who let me down in the past or when it won’t benefit me – and I get his point but a part of me hopes when the shoe is in the other foot the same attitude will be displayed.

So this evening I write this to get my feelings out in the open, a quick reality check to myself that yes sometimes days suck, yes we are hunt we make mistakes, but it could be worse. It’s how we handle these problems by finding solutions and how we handle ourselves.

I saw this picture and felt it was fitting to how I felt! I remain calm, happy and positive. Constantly looking for the blame, tripping someone up, being negitive is sad.

I hope everyone has a good week, I hope it’s productive and I hope you rise above people’s short comings.

Keep Calm because Karma is on it!

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