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13 points that will instantly improve your sex life! You can thank me later…

It’s Sunday morning and I’m currently enjoying a Blueberry muffin, cup of tea with the dogs curled up watching me in my mini ‘fashion office’ while watching Sex and the City reruns (what could make a better Sunday?!)


Since moving to the States it’s a lot more acceptable over here to discuss sexual encounters with your girlfriends. I find myself being caught up in conversations about it. It’s easy to compare to others, but only you know how that sector of your life is and only you can change it if you are not fully satisfied.

So, without being an expert here are 13 ways to ensure your sex is instantly better.

1) Single women are more sexually active Monday through Thursday, while women in relationships were more active on Friday and Saturday (From someone in a relationship It makes me wonder how it’s possible it’s this way round. If I was single and juggling my current job, site projects, horse, friends and dogs I truly have NO idea how single girls manage hook ups during the week! I question this stat but it’s from google so who am I to argue?!) We all know during the week it’s easy to be too tired, but seriously persevere ladies! The less Sex you are having the less sex you want… so go figure how to change that!

2) 99% of bad sex happens with bad people. We all remember Bridesmaids and Kristin Wig hooking up with John Hamm and honestly he’s such a bellend – she is hating it but just likes the intimacy (If you could even call it that!) These guys are the ones who will be super selfish, you will be left feeling frustrated, annoyed and guess what still lonely! So STOP!

3) Touch yourself! I’ve had endless conversations with my girlfriends about this. You cannot possibly expect a man to please you if you cannot please yourself and enjoy it. What if he turns round and asks you how you like it? These guys need some direction – they aren’t all sex gods plus it will give you your inner confidence to know you can do it yourself. Enjoy a weekend to yourself….!

4) After and only after you have completed point 3 then you have the confidence to start speaking up. Tell your partner what turns you on, what you like and how they will get you off. Learn to communicate openly because like us they are not mind readers.

5) Don’t settle for Quickies. Don’t get me wrong yes sometimes there is a need or occasion for this. However, sometimes you just need to say ‘dude slow the fuck down!’ and don’t be embarrassed for say this! You deserve the time and attention to fully enjoy this. 10 minutes just won’t cut it.

6) Between us I think it is healthy to be open minded however there are some things I will simply not do nor try. If you are not comfortable then speak up and say no! But maybe to soften the blow to your excited partner maybe give an alternative!

7) Express your fantasies – and don’t feel like you can’t. It will be exciting just speaking about it between you both. Ask him to tell you his.

8) Did you know that more than 70% of women never come during intercourse? I’m sure this will be a shock to some ladies out there. Hollywood movies make it seem so easy when the guy instantly enters and boom she’s done.. come on it’s not reality! Guys also need to know this fact! Use toys, your hands, your partners hands or other parts… (I’m conscious it is still Sunday morning while writing this.. should maybe have an R-Rated article) for full stimulation.


9) If anyone says not to use protection, especially if you are a) not ready for babies or b) not in a longer term relationship then please be strong and don’t let anyone change your mind on this! Protect yourself! 

10) Make sure you climax every time… you’re wondering how? If your partner gets off make sure they continue until you finish. The same way us ladies would. Be demanding!

11) Don’t sweat the small stuff. There are occasions where maybe you haven’t shaved, you are between waxes or you are wearing your gym panties. My ex-best friend gave me some great advice once (This was the only good thing she brought into my life… hence the ex-title!) but the guy you are with WANTS to be with you. They are turned on by your curves, your hair, your face, your body everything. You think they are honestly going to notice this while they are with you intimately? Hell no… (hmm unless of course they actually don’t like you that much, but are you really going to care if someone feels that way about you? I wouldn’t) So stop caring, turn the light back on, get the covers off and get naked!

12) Work is busy, friends causing you stress, you are worried about your job (yup sure a lot of us are in this current climate) you are feeling self-conscious – STOP. Clear your mind. Relax and enjoy. You won’t enjoy it if you continue to stress.

13) My biggest tip is kisses! I love love love kisses. I look back to when I was at school and remember the innocence before sex where I could kiss for hours. We forget about this especially when in long-term relationships. #dontletthekissesdie!

Hope this will instantly help your sex life! From my first fact apparently Sunday is the only day we apparently don’t have sex… lets change that!


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