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DIY Dye 
I envy everyone that always looks so put together most of the time. I get one day a week if I’m lucky and usually by the time lunch time comes around my hair is out of place, my face is blotchy or I’m already feeling bloated. God the life of a girl.. Sucks! 
I try very hard to do most of my body maintenance in-house… Facials, nails, eye brows and lashes and hair dye (except waxing… Nooooo way would I do that myself!) 
I’ve had a long history with dying my hair – my first experience was when I was 17. Christ 10 years…! I’ve been every color from black to blonde to more recently engaging in red. 
Anyone who has been a fake red head will feel my pain it’s an absolute nightmare. Cons include but not limited to: 
– shower looks as though you have murdered someone after your once your hair for the first time 
– without a doubt you will stain something in your bathroom or clothing 
– towels are fully stained even after the third wash (how is dye still washing out?!??) 
– you are scared to go near a swimming pool incase you still have excess dye… 
– I always get stains on my face even though I slather my face with Vaseline 
– you are never sure what shade of red will develop… I went to dye my hair a bright shade of red and it turned out dark.. Go figure 
– too much Maintenance !! 
However the pros: 
– it looks amazing … 
– if your husband likes Scarlet Johansen from the Avengers then you are on to a winner 
– did I say it looks amazing?!? 
Everything is possible to do at home… Just make sure you are organized prior to mixing the mixtures!! 
Happy hair-dyeing y’all! 


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