a Scottish girl living the American dream. Fashion, beautiful and everything fabulous to me!

okay so welcome to the complete opposite attitude to my friend post….! I’m really trying to use writing as my outlet to express my emotions because frankly I’m useless at opening up to anyone but with a combination of a bad week, feeling gross (girls I know we all have these days) time of month (oh too much info?!?) i just one of those moments… 

Then I went away out of the city with the best bunch of friends a girl could wish for! Instantly I thought ‘damn girl you are lucky’ makeup free, gym gear and champers it was exactly what I and most of the group needed! 

I love life and I love everyone around us. It was my childhood friends 30th! I’m so blessed we have reconnected and I was there to share this celebration. 

Anyways without getting soppy I had a lovely time! And now it’s Valentine’s Day (if y’all personally know me you will know I LOVE LOVE!!!) and five years spent with my soul mate. He truly is the best man I’ve ever met (except my dad) and I have no idea why he puts up with me (except for my amazing chat, useless information and terrible jokes…) 

So I hope you all are spending this day/weekend with the right people who appreciate you for YOU! During your high and low. 

Spread the love! 



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