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The other day I was minding my own business trotting through memorial mall after a client meeting when I couldn’t help but feel the force of Zara pulling me into the store. With 5 minutes to spare I thought what the hell…!! I ended up instantly picking up a gorgeous sexy black low cut top which turned out to be a bodysuit. I’m officially now hooked! It looked fabulous with jeans, pants and leather skirt plus it only cost $25!!

The Bodysuit by far is making a comeback, and kicking crop tops right off their front seats with their On-Trend’iness. But then it hit me: (1) as silly as it may sound – aren’t bodysuits less forgiving than somecrop tops for example, and ALL tops for that matter? They’re basically one-piece swimsuits for the streets. who’d even know you’re wearing one or the other?

Anyway. Moving on to (2) does the return of the early 90s, late 80s bodysuit imply the death of crop tops?i love crop tops I just wish my stomach was much flatter so I could very much pull it off!

Moving on to (2) does the return of the early 90s, late 80s bodysuit imply the death of crop tops? Well… trends are bound to come and go, so let’s not hold our breath on either one making it more than a few seasons. It’s about style. If celebs are sporting it (see Miley, KimK)? If bloggers are doing the look? Then this definitely grabs my attention.
Today’s fashion is definitely more about style, so perhaps that’s why we’re bringing back tons of once-hip-items. We’re giving them a nip and tuck, thus testing and expanding our sartorial minds. So bodysuits… Do we love them? Are we into them? Or is this just for celebs?
More and more girls are seen wearing bodysuits with shorts or high waisted skirts, skinny jeans or boyfriends jeans. They look effortless, lean, clean, no keep-an-eye-on-your-tucked-in-top problems.

Perfect for office hours bodysuits are great for the above reason. In short sleeves, long sleeves, turtle necks, paired with 70s style trousers and sharp blazers, they’re the subtle yet statement piece of you look.

And then there are the evening styles: leather, lace, mesh, transparency, bare backs, cut-outs – you name it, paired with shorts or flirty skirts or sexy jeans, luxe track pants. The outfit’s your ticket to looking trendy and feeling comfy at the same time.

So I’m hooked… What do you guys think?!?

 IMG_0839 Bodysuit


One response to “Bodysuit Obsession ”

  1. Soph Avatar

    I looove body suits too! The only thing is that (for me at least) they have to be fitted, or else they don’t compliment my shape. Great post 🙂


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