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Babies, babies everywhere! Over the last 6 months it’s certainly been very apparent it’s baby season! 
Look, you’re not ready to have a baby. Join the club! You’re probably in your late twenties or early thirties, and you’ve gotten some shit figured out, and now you’re pretty sure you’re “almost ready” to have a baby or maybe you are feeling the pressure from everyone else around you at ‘that stage’ and you wonder why you don’t feel like you are?!? Or your better half is but you no?! 
A baby is the ultimate, cosmic limit-tester of all ultimate cosmic limits, and no matter what you do to prepare, you will still find yourself thrown for a loop. 
Ready!? Anyone who thinks they are actually ready to stare this beast directly in the eyes isn’t wearing her cervical thinkin’ cap. It’s like, can you be “ready” for a cyclone? Can you be “ready” for the moon? Can you be “ready” for a dinosaur eating a cupcake? It’s not like being in the experimental phase in college, where you can get it all out of your system! 
But when will that trigger go on that will make you feel ready? 
– you have a good job and income 

– stable relationship 

– great support network

– home for your family 
So check list complete – Ready ?! 
To quote Eat Pray Love, “motherhood is like getting a tattoo on your face: you’ve got to be really sure you want it”.
We have only been married for a couple of years and already most of our friends back home have started families. Over here it’s a mix between singles, Couples, moving into baby phase (and baby talk) and weddings! Ive spoken with some of my girlfriends and they say ‘oh babe you are too young!’ but in reality il be 30 in a couple of years… And my mother was 25 when she had my sister. 
One of my besties (due in July and looks amazing!) is my baby mentor. She is career focused, she thinks logically and always has a brilliant way of looking at situations with a positive outlook of ‘if it’s meant to be it’ll be’ (miss you Kayleigh). As she said I will always find an excuse for sure to shy away from this. I want to be more senior in my career, I want to go to certain places, I want a green card and I want a house…. What I fail to remember is we have a house AND apartment in Scotland, I travelled the world in the merchant navy moved ashore then moved to America in my career, I’ve travelled the world…our green card has been applied for. So what are we waiting for?! 
I’m sure I’m not the only person who hasn’t got it figured out – I envy the people that do or pretend too! I like to think you CAN have your high heels, and your cute flats, but you’ve only got 2 feet, so don’t expect to wear them at the same time….but it won’t stop you from switching it up! Only live once right… 


3 responses to “Babies babies everywhere! ”

  1. Rareity Avatar

    Sound like a mix of baby fever, and hide in the corner with a face mask on while everyone else is getting struck by the bug. Yikes! Honestly I’m going to be 32 in September and I have 4 kiddos. Your post resonated with me in ways not even I can explain . “Before you stare that beast in the eyes, make sure being a mother is something you really want.”

    Motherhood comes with many struggles … the struggles are beyond. I love my kids. But often I feel like I’m crawling out of the drowning hole more often throughout the day then on top of that pit. I’m reality in Doing just great. No mother thinks she’s she’s best. And dangit who ever thought everything a ever wanted would come with a price

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  2. Rareity Avatar

    Switch in and I’m

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  3. atkokosplace Avatar

    I love that quote…the tat on the face. Yep you have to be sure. It’s a huge, huge responsibility that never, never, never ends. The worry never ends either. Nor does the stress. Both my kids are adults now and neither wants kids. They want to travel and go and do whenever the mood strikes them and they have been all over the world! I wish I could be my kids! Hahahaha. 🙂 Fantastic post. Really!

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