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Living in America I’ve noticed my fashion has changed a lot – making my hubby happy I’ve become a lot more casual, laid back, I experiment more and I enjoy it much better! (Everything is much more affordable🙌🏼) 
Experiences are the new luxury, with designers injecting casual wear into their high fashion collections and conscious consumers giving high priority to the comfort factor. Some of the biggest trends spotted on the streets this season are activewear, biker jackets, cross body bags and mixed prints.
 1. Activewear

Have you found yourself asking, when did Nike & Adidas become formal wear? Then you have identified one of the biggest street style trends at the moment. Whilst the full gym get-up may not be something you’re ready to indulge in, you can apply a few subtle elements to your repertoire. Team a pair of white sneakers with a pair of fashion leggings and slouch jumper. It’s casual and chic and more modish than mumsy.
Thank you Rita Ora & Stella McCartney for making this a trend! I’m addicted to Adidas!! 
 2. Cross Body Bags

The cross body bag is the perfect everyday bag to serve your busy lifestyle. It’s easily accessible and provides enough room for all the essentials. Choose a smaller clutch style purse with long chain strap to take you from day to night. For boho chic look, try a suede satchel with tassels or treat yourself to a designer statement piece with removable strap for a touch of extravagance.
I love ASOS for affordable bags. Tory Burch and Michael Kors have great options. 
 3. Biker Jackets

The biker jacket is a trend that never goes out of fashion and is a great staple item in your wardrobe. It can look fantastic when paired with skinny jeans, long skirt or a sweet day dress. The biker jacket is a timeless trans-seasonal item that injects a bit of rock-n-roll into any outfit. It can be worn as a statement item or used to marry other pieces together.
Thanks to my friend Sara encouraging me to buy the fringe leather jacket from Banana Republic in the sale – best purchase! Zara have great leather jackets too 
 4. Trainers

Not only are trainers comfortable but they are one of the biggest street style trends at the moment. High fashion brands are also indulging in this trend and adding a touch of sport luxe to their range. From Jimmy Choo to Adidas, the sneaker transcends seasons making it the perfect match to any outfit. Add a touch of funk and include a patterned trainer for a unique look.
EVERYONE needs to have a pair of white converses. I love Nike & Adidas. For more ‘non work out’ sneakers Coach have great options. 
 5. Mixed Prints

Floral, stripes and geometric prints are popular both on the street and in stores. Stripes look great when paired with floral prints while polka dots go well with geometric shapes. The key to mixing patterns is to stick to the same or complimenting colour palette. Keep accessories clean and simple allowing the prints to make the statement.
Zara and Forever 21 are fabulous! 
 6. Lace Up Heels

A strappy shoe can add an element of sultry sophistication to your outfit. Lace up heels are gaining traction this season, ranging from pointy toe pumps to block or slim heel sandals. With its quasi bondage connotations, this style adds a touch of spice and it is versatile enough to wear with skirts or pants making it a perfect style to add to your wardrobe.
Maybe I’m not a big fan of this trend… but they always look amazing on other feet and legs (just not me :(((((!!!) 
 7. Off the Shoulder Tops

A little sexy shoulder can go a long way. Off the shoulder tops show just enough skin to create an alluring look. This is a great top to compliment both small and full busts. If you’re on the smaller side then forget the strapless bra and add a frill to the neckline of your top. This is a subtle way to accentuate your petite décolletage while giving an illusion of a fuller bust. This style is best worn with mid length skirts, wide leg pants and for a more casual look, team it with a pair of jeans.
LOVE white off shoulder. I wore mine to CookOff this year! 
8. Ankle Booties
The bootie should come with a warning sticker because there are far too many choices. If you’re feeling adventurous; decorative zips, lace up detail and cut outs or embroidery might be your thing. Be sure to choose the right boot for your leg shape as they can often create an illusion of shorter or wider legs. Try a rounded toe shape bootie with vertical accents like zips or lace to create length and illusion of slimmer legs.
Aldo and Madewell have good options.


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    I love all these looks! Super cute…I can’t pick a favorite! 🙂

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