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Hello 90’s kids who used to love mood rings… Well I have found the latest craze that will be hitting up our cosmetic lines in June! Thank you M.A.C 
The new Tendertalk Lip Balm collection consists of five different hues — from a baby pink to a juicy berry — that all transform, depending on your skin’s chemistry. Each one also provides nourishing hydration, so your pout will feel as awesome as it looks.
Start saving now! They’ll each cost $20 when they launch June 16, so you have plenty of time to prepare your wallet for when you purchase all five. Read on to see every color.


One response to “M.A.C Summer Lipstick ”

  1. mynovemberblog Avatar

    Love all the colours I think I would head towards more of the lighter colours, only because I wouldn’t be able to pull off the brighter colours x


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