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Pomegranate fiber facemask Review

I love a good beauty mask. It’s like the ultimate pick me up beauty treatment for your face. I think what I love most about sheet masks is that once you apply them, it gives you an excuse to take at least 20 minutes for yourself to just sit back and relax while lying down so your face sheets don’t fall off!! I got lucky enough to try out a biodegradable fiber masks from the Atlanta based company, BioRepublic Skincare. This company is all about developing skincare products that combine natural remedies with exciting innovations.

Pomegranate Crush Illuminating – brightening face mask that brightens and energizes skin tone with smoothing complexion (my favorite!)

My skin definitely needed a pick me up! After my skin felt tight, glowing and bright! I would recommend! Please check them out

Choos And Fashion Doos very much recommend you to try a relaxing face mask once a week! We all need pampering …!!!

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  1. I always think a face mask is always great when you’ve had a hard week, or just before you get back in to things. I prefer a sheet mask because they are much easier to apply, an easy to take of they are not so messy as the others x

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