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My first day with The Shoe Bar Mobile I couldn’t help but purchase a cheeky pair of heels… Actually my first pair of suede block heels! And I absolutely love them… Literally cannot wait to wear them! 
It all started courtesy of the 70s block heel, which we so cunningly married to the chunky 90s shoes, and while all of these are still IN, a new shoe style is born and damn it’s made a huge come back this summer… Does this mean my husband is right and wedges are out?!?
Why do we so desperately embrace them I wonder, is it cause of their novelty or are we really sick of the stiletto? I’d go for the former, just because as much as I love all shoes, I am a stiletto girl through and through. Nothing in my book will ever beat the stiletto heel. Of course block heels are more comfortable, they’re more sophisticated, they’re more retro chic, more edgy, more trendy, more artsy, more more more more… But they’re not the red lipstick of the group you know.
However, they look great, are easy to style, can be worn with literally anything, anywhere from work to dinners out, and come in so many styles and designs, that shopping for the best pair is heaven really.
I’m embracing this style!! I think you lovely ladies should too!



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