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Wedges For Summer 

Wedges are hot for summer!
My husband needs to look away now! All my girlfriends know how much he detests wedges….
Warning: you’re about to become obsessed with the espadrille wedge. The light look of a linen upper, the soft ribbon that wraps gently around the ankle, a weaved platform that perfectly cradles your foot — these are the qualities of a great Summer shoe.
Due to my hubbys hatred of wedges I only have one pair original beige from J Crew! 
But it’s the ways the It girls wear these shoes that make them so attractive. They look equally cool with a graphic tee and denim shorts as they do with a flouncy maxi dress. They bring a bit of romance to your outfit, and one pair will take you from midmorning errands to the evening!
Love this casual look – great for Houston summers!


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