a Scottish girl living the American dream. Fashion, beautiful and everything fabulous to me!

So I’m writing this article from the ShoeBar Mobile – trying extremely hard not to buy everything! New stock = danger for Francene! It’s the day after thanksgiving and I just feel extremely thankful for everything! It has been truly the best couple of years in America. So many great things have happened since we started this new adventure, packed up our lives in sunny Aberdeen, Scotland to absorb beautiful Texas. 

This year has been a crazy happy emotional one. It’s mid-Nov and I literally can’t keep my eyes open past 8:30pm… Am I the only 28 year old who is officially that lame!?! Yesterday, on Thanksgiving, I thought of the resolutions I made at the start of the year, knowing I only have 6 weeks to pull my finger out.

 One was to upgrade ChoosAnd fashionDoos website.. It looks so much better, and I am soon very proud of what CAFD has become. I have my very first fashion shoot on Saturday where I am the stylist! More information to follow! So I guess resolution is ticked off right…! 

Second was to get a promotion at work… This was soooooo very close until I decided to take the plunge, quit and accept another position. I’m too excited but extremely nervous. So Monday will be my first day! I’m thinking my resolution is ticked off and to me technically it’s a promotion ! Naturally I have found amazing buys off eBay for my new work attire wardrobe… As if I ever need an excuse! 

My last day was on Wednesday, and I swear I must be the only person ever it quit a job and feel genuinely sad about it! I also hate change, and try very hard to avoid any alterations of my life! I’m a simple girl and love routines!  

Anyways, my friends have told me this is just the start of a new adventure, and I’m honored to have access to all the opportunities and experiences I have had. It’s a wonderful life, constantly learning, meeting new people, being able to write and to have even 1 person read my thoughts and relate! 

Thanksgiving to us Brits is pre-Christmas! But to me it really does bring it back to home on how lucky we are living this life. Let’s all take a moment to really look at all the good in our lives. Feel grateful for our family no matter how dis functional they are, your friends, your colleagues, your job – after this year in oil and gas the market has affected us all, our health and our amazing heels… I’m only kidding! I’m not have vain and shallow despite what my husband would say! 

Enjoy the rest of your thanksgiving weekend…let’s not make it all about the stuff you buy in the sale. 


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