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Can I please just take a Kendal Jenner moment….
There isn’t a ton that Kendall Jenner and I have in common: I’m not a top model, my family isn’t rich or famous, and I definitely don’t have people — fans, paparazzi, the media – wanting to know who I’m wearing, where I’m going and my views… As much as I wish they did! 
But one thing KJ and I do share? The fact that genetics have blessed us with fairly small chests. Surprising if you have met my mum and sister. 
Growing up I was obsessed with wearing a bra, solely because I hated the way my clothes — and maybe my body in general — looked and because being a female means curves and big boobs. At least this is what I thought. 
The older I’ve got the more I’ve learnt to accept my body. I have small chest, big butt and annoyingly I will never have a flat stomach (of course if I get off my butt and work harder in the gym then It might be flatter… Can’t blame that on genetics. 
The fashion world has grown through phases and countless debates on the perfect body over the years. From Marilyn Monroe to Kate moss to Elle McPherson to more recently Kim Kardashian. 
I believe in our generation there are so many accepted and craved after body types. 
There is something beautiful about confidence and how people wear this especially women. I’m the envy of any girl who struts into a room without any fear or after thought. Whenever I feel down or intimated I escape back into my shell without a peep. It’s a terrible trait to have. I have learned the older I’ve become to accept myself more and more. I mean my size has not changed from when I was 17! 
My love for Kendall Jenner begun when she walked for Marc Jacobs at the fall 2014 show in a sheer top. Turns out the girl, small chest and all, didn’t care a bit that she was exposed. Later that year, she showed up at Coachella in a sweatshirt that said “I Have No T*ts,” and was soon (and still is) speaking out about her love of going braless and showing her nipples. She admittedly thinks it’s a sexy look. 
It really is just being happy with you as a person and confident in your own skin and owning it! 
She said….
 “I think it’s cool and I really just don’t care! It’s sexy, it’s comfortable, and I’m cool with my breasts. That’s it!”
From one flat chested gal to another – good for you! I feel it’s so much more accepted having cleavage and showing it off but frowned upon going braless with your nipples peaking through! 
Let’s just embrace our bodies and love each other for what we are! 


One response to “Bra-Yes!? ”

  1. engelsfrance Avatar

    Great post!!! I love your thoughts on no bra sexy look….I have to ad…it is also healthier since it doesn’t squeeze lymph nodes…
    And by the way, I am almost 50 years old, and never wore a bra…was riding horses, running…and yes, it gives a sexy look…and a mood of freedom….

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