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I am a huge Sex And The City Fan. Not only have I watched all episodes maybe five times over, I’ve done the SATC New York Tour, I have the something blue Manolos (which I might add have not been worn outside the apartment and they are approaching the ripe age of 13 months!) but I adore Carrie Bradshaws fashion choices. 

Like many SATC fans I’m obsessing over Sarah Jessica Parker’s heel collection (they are pretty close to Jimmy Choo/Manolo style which suits me!) and now to my delight she is releasing a Little Black Dress collection exclusive to Bloomingdales. 

The first of the LBD im sure you will recongise. The iconic pink tutu dress in the credits but this time in a sophisticated black chic verison. Seen in the upper picture to the left. 

I’m in love and want it so badly! How much? Hmm.. $400 price tag… If you check out the reviews on Bloomingdales website you will read that the dress runs one-two sizes smaller therefore you need to jump up and it’s short. 

Not ideal. I like to make sure when I’m spending the money I’m getting a good quality item that will make me feel and look good. 

Then my fellow mobile boutique Miles Of Style just took in a very very similar dress. So timely for the release of her collection and price tag of $89 makes it a much easier choice! 20% off during Black Friday weekend how could I say no!? 

This is a lesson. If you are willing to search and do some fashion digging it will for sure pay off! I’m delighted with purchase and can’t wait to wear it in New York! 


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